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About us

About us

I am Subodh Goel in my fifties. I live in India with my wife and son.

As you know, India is a unique country with its vast natural resources and culturally, spiritually as well as family-oriented rich value systems.

I am just starting this blog to share my learnings over this long journey during which I have worked at different places within India, led small and large teams from different backgrounds, experienced as well as young ones fresh after their graduations.

One thing is very common: We keep on learning over the course of our lives. Ideally, many of these we should have learnt in the earlier stages of life. And that makes the difference between how we lived our life, how we should have and how we could have.

Just making an attempt to share my learnings for the benefit of all who shall have access to these blogs over time.

These blogs shall be for all age groups. You may use it for yourself. Or You may use it as a parent to inculcate these Life skills in your children from the early age.

Do give feedback and do share your thoughts on my email.